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  1. cintas

    Dirty dryer vents are a serious fire hazard, especially in commercial and industrial facilities, where the dryers are routinely over-taxed to support the extensive washing that takes place. A clogged dryer exhaust will block water and hot air from being expelled. The trapped air is likely to lead to a rise in the temperature of the dryer. High temperature, combined with the highly-combustible lint that accumulates over time over the vent surfaces, forms an ideal recipe for fire. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, overheated dryers are the cause of roughly 15,500 fires each year, and approximately 10 deaths and injuries every year.

    The best way to ensure maximum safety from fire is to get the dryer vent cleaned of lint on a regular basis. ACIA has been certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association since 2005 and has since cleaned thousands of dryer vents. With the use of our specialized tools, we are able to provide video inspection both before and after cleaning to ensure we have gotten every piece of lint removed from the system. Big or small, ACIA can handle it all. Whether you are a small facility with one or two dryers, or a commercial laundry facility, we can get the job done right. Also, ask about our dryer vent cleaning PM program. We know it's tough to remember when you need to schedule your equipment to be cleaned, so let us do it for you. We will work with you to establish a necessary cleaning interval and show up when its due; even giving you a courtesy call to remind you we will be showing up ahead of time.

    Apart from posing a fire threat, lint formation can:
    • Cause the dryer to work harder to perform its task
    • Increase energy consumption
    • Accelerate the failure of the thermostat
    • Significantly reduce the lifespan of the appliance

    Kyle Leaman
    Posted on Apr 3, 2015
  2. farr

    ACIA is able to provide new dust, fume and mist collection systems along with replacement parts and filters for existing equipment. We specialize in providing substantial cost savings through cross refrencing your OEM filters to a less costly but better performing filter. We are able to replace dust bags, pleated bags and all styles of cartridges. Most customers experience a savings of 40% or more on filter replacement by working with ACIA. We will even provide a service life guarantee to ensure that the product we provide will meet or exceed your existing filter. We provide the most advanced nanofiber filter for industrial dust collection, which brings you twice the filter life and lower replacement costs. Plus you receive significant savings in compressed air and energy use while it dramatically improves your air quality over your current cartridge filters. The industry’s finest fibers and the highest MERV rating make the difference. The Best Nanofiber cartridge available anywhere is manufactured exclusively by Clark Filter and distributed by ACIA. Stop spending top dollar for name brands like Donaldson Torit and Farr, and start saving money while achieving better filter performance by using our high quality replacements.

    Need help with a filter change? ACIA has you covered. Our experienced technicians are able to work on most collectors including bag houses and cartridge style collectors. Our safety record us unsurpassed and all employees are trained and certified in confined space entry, lock out/tag out procedures, fall protection and they are even lift certified.

    Specializing in Leak Testing
    Operating a dust collection system with leaking filters defeats its sole intended purpose. A single leaking filter in a collector or bag house can result in a substantial emissions increase. Leak testing of your system should be a regular part of any maintenance program to ensure system efficiency, and maintain compliance with emissions/safety regulations and avoid the costly fines and/or safety hazards that come with it. All filters will eventually wear out and need to be replaced; however, on occasion, a defective filter will fail early. In other instances there may be a temporary or unanticipated event that can cause a premature failure of your filters. Once identified these should be investigated to ensure the incident does not occur again, and determine the extent of the damage done to the system. Examples may include: abrasion, thermal durability, and chemical attack. In a standard leak test a tracer compound is introduced into the system either from the dirty air plenum, or a collection point in the system. As the powder flows through the system, trace amounts are deposited in areas that have come into contact with the powder. Then a technician performs a visual inspection of the entire collector or baghouse with a specialized florescent light which causes the leak powder to glow. This enables the technician to detect any leaks in the filter cartridges/bags, seals, tubesheets, or other areas within the system. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about a leak test at your facility.

    Kyle Leaman
    Posted on Apr 3, 2015