With over 20 years of business experience, you can trust ACIA to solve any indoor air quality issue within your facility. From the start, indoor air quality sampling was a backbone of the business, as ACIA carries a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional accreditation. Whether it is an air quality complaint by an employee, suspected mold, production quality issues, or certifying a clean room, ACIA can identify problem areas and make recommendations to reduce or eliminate the problem.

In 2002, ACIA introduced in-house services while gaining additional certifications and accreditation from multiple industry leading trade organizations. These certifications and a long standing commitment to their customer base distinguishes ACIA from the competition by staying ahead of ever changing industry practices and technology.

Today, the company offers a variety of services to data centers, schools K-12, universities, retail, commercial / industrial, manufacturing, and healthcare facilities. For more detailed information on our service offerings, please click the respective box below.

robotic device sealing ductwork

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