Fire & Smoke Damper Inspections

Inspection of your fire and smoke dampers is a mandatory part of facility safety. Hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities frequently rely on ACIA to provide NFPA-90A fire/smoke damper inspections. Fire and smoke dampers should be inspected every four to six years as required by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Our trained technicians thoroughly test your system and investigate any issues that may arise. Insure your facility is in compliance with the latest safety standards to avoid costly fines. Our trained technicians give each damper a designated number, record them on provided drawings, note the condition, and photograph each one. Any failed dampers may be repaired or replaced. Our team can also install access doors if necessary. After the inspection is complete, a detailed report is created from the data found so you’ll know exactly where you stand.

We insure that:

  • Moving parts are lubricated as necessary
  • All dampers are operating and have the ability to close all the way
  • The latch (if applicable) is checked
  • The fusible link (if painted or damaged) is replaced with a fusible link that is the same size, temperature, and load rating
  • The fire/smoke damper area is not being obstructed
  • The fire/smoke damper operation is not being inhibited by rust, bent tracks, damaged parts or hinges, misaligned blades or frames, screws, or defective parts
  • The inspection is documented with the damper identification number, location of the damper, date of inspection, the cleanliness of the damper, photo of the damper, and any issues that were detected
  • The inspection documentation is available for review by the proper authorities
man performing fire-damper-inspection


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